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Good For All Pharmacy has a wide range of generic medications for various health conditions.

Generic completely repeats the formula of the original product. Additional components may differ but they do not affect the effectiveness of the product., They are only required for better penetration of the active substance into the body.

Benefits of generics

Demand for cheap tablets turned out to be high, however, the problem of the availability of drugs arose. Branded medicines often have a high price associated with the need to compensate for the costs of the development, testing, release, and promotion of drugs. Today, this problem is being successfully resolved. People who encounter health problems can buy cheaper generics – copies of branded medicine, which is produced at certified enterprises.

The obvious advantages of generic drugs:

  • proven effectiveness, which is ensured by using the basic formula of the substance used in the original product;
  • product quality guaranteed by the status and certificates of the manufacturer;
  • a variety of release forms and dosage;
  • the release of combined drugs that solve several problems at the same time.

Is it safe to use generics?

According to legislation, a generic may be allowed to enter the market if it has successfully passed the bioequivalence tests. With this study, it is possible to weed out ineffective and low-quality generics. Thanks to control over their production, it has become possible to achieve the effectiveness of clone preparations. Therefore, our generics are not inferior in effect to branded drugs. There is even a direction for the development and support of the production of quality substitutes for expensive drugs.

Our high-quality and effective generics can be bought online. All products offered to customers have the necessary permits and quality certificates. The effectiveness of generics can be seen from the numerous reviews of our customers!

* In any case, before buying any medication, you’d better consult with your doctor if it is advisable to replace one drug with another (even with the same composition). Especially if you have been taking this medication for a long time (for example, pressure medications or hypoglycemic drugs).