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Good for All Pharmacy provides services that allow the User:

  • search for medications;
  • international delivery;
  • search for dietary supplements and pharmaceutical assortment products.

For the convenience of using the site, data on medications, dietary supplements, medical equipment, and oral care products are systematized in categories or groups.

Limitation of liability

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By accepting the terms of this agreement, you fully understand and agree that:

  • The information is used for reference only.
  • The administration of this website does not guarantee the absence of mistakes and discrepancies regarding the declared on the website and the actual availability of goods and prices in the pharmacy.
  • The user undertakes to clarify the information of interest to him by a phone call to the pharmacy or use the information provided at his own risk.
  • Neither the Administration nor any other party involved in the process of providing information is liable for harm or damage that you could suffer from relying entirely on the information posted on our website.
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  • The site administration does not guarantee the absence of technical failures, including with respect to software operation. The Administration is committed to making every effort to eliminate any failures and mistakes if they occur.
  • The administration takes measures to verify this information and exclude inaccurate information from doctors.
  • The administration takes all reasonable measures to verify the information provided by health organizations and doctors for placement on our website. However, the Administration does not regularly check the specified information for relevance. In this regard, the User undertakes to contact a certain doctor who has the necessary education, qualifications, certification and license of a medical institution.
  • The site administration does not guarantee that all the reviews posted are received from Users who have utilized the services of relevant doctors or medical institutions. The administration takes all reasonable measures to prevent the posting or removal of reviews with knowingly inaccurate or non-statutory information.
  • The administration does not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in user reviews. The administration removes comments at the request of medical institutions, doctors or Users only if the evidence is provided of their apparent inaccuracy or contradiction with the law. The administration removes comments on the requirements of the competent state authorities presented in the manner prescribed by law. The administration has the right at any time to remove any comments and any other information from the website on its own initiative.

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