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Do you sell branded medications?

Yes, we sell both brands and generics (analogs).

What does the word “generic” mean?

Generics are cheaper medications manufactured and distributed without patent protection. A generic product contains the same active substance as the brand-name medication. Generics are certified and work exactly the same way.

Why do generics cost less than brand-name drugs?

The manufacturer of generic drugs does not have to spend huge money on research, development, testing, and advertising. They only need to purchase a chemical formula to manufacture a generic medication. Consequently, they are as effective as branded drugs but have a much lower price!

What about the quality of generics?

The quality of generic products doesn’t differ from their branded counterparts, even if they have another shape, taste, and color. They have the same active ingredient, the mode of operation, and speed of absorption.

Are your generic drugs FDA-approved?

Yes. All drugs available on the website of Good For All Pharmacy are FDA-approved.

How can I order products from your pharmacy?

You can place an order online. You need to choose the medications, click “Buy now” button, choose the dosage and quantity of pills. Then proceed to “Checkout”, fill in the order information required, select the preferred payment and shipping method. Then check all the fields and submit your order. As soon as we accept it, you will see the notification on the screen. In addition, we will send an order confirmation message to your e-mail address.

Do I need to send you a prescription?

Notice that some of the products available on our website may require a valid prescription. They are marked as “RX”. At the same time, most of our products are over-the-counter. Anyway, we strongly recommend that you consult a healthcare specialist before ordering anything from our pharmacy.

What shipping methods do you use?

We ship drugs using either EMS Courier Service (5 – 9 days) and Airmail service takes (14 – 21 days).

Do you ship drugs around the worlds?

Yes. We ship drugs to most countries. Please check the order form to find out the available shipping options for your country.

How much is shipping?

The shipping fees may vary depending on your location and the preferred delivery method. To find out the cost of delivery, please add the necessary drugs to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Keep in mind that we offer free shipping if your total order amount exceeds $150.

How do you send orders?

All orders are sent in discreet looking packages without any information of the contents. We understand that some of our customers want to remain confidential.

What if the goods arrive damaged or some items are missing?

Such cases occur extremely rare. However, if this occurs, you should contact our customer support group. We will either reship the medications free of charge or offer you a full refund. Please keep in mind that if there are 120 or more pills in your order, they will arrive in several packages.

Can I cancel the order?

You can cancel your order within 24 hours.

How can I track my order?

Airmail postal service can NOT be tracked. The packages sent via EMS are trackable and you can check the status of your order through our site using “Order Status” option.

What payment options do you offer?

You can pay for meds using Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, Diners Club, Discover, and E-Checks.

Can I return the purchased items?

The effectiveness, reliability and safety of our products have already been verified by many people who were satisfied with the products purchased on our website. However, we reserve the right to return the products if they suddenly did not suit you or did not work. To do this, you need to send us back the remaining unused products. Claims and returns are accepted within 30 days after you receive the goods.

What if I didn’t find an answer to my question on this page?

In this case, you should contact our customer support group any time and our representative will answer all your questions as quickly as possible.