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Some information that you may not know about contacts lenses

The most important aspect that you should become aware of if you wear contacts or you might in the future are keeping your eyes healthy and preventing eye infections from occurring. Your habits, supplies and your eye doctor play a pivotal role in keeping you healthy. We will be explaining all of these things in this blog. August 22-26 is contact lens health week, it is important to know how to keep your eyes healthy and prevent eye infections when you are wearing your contact lenses.

The first topic that we will talk about is your habits. These might seem like simple things to do, but you should always follow them. Make sure to wash and dry your hands before touching your contact lenses. This will prevent you from spreading germs from your hands to your contact lenses that will be placed on your eyes. The next tip is that you should not sleep in your contact lenses, unless your eye doctor tells you otherwise. If you happen to sleep with your contact lenses you could end up with eye pain, redness, and light sensitivity which is commonly called “CLARE” – contact lens acute red eye. If this occurs contact your doctor immediately. The last tip is to avoid wearing your contact lenses while showering, swimming, or using a hot tub. You could get an infection in your eye because of the water that could come into contact with the contact lens and the eye.

What type of supplies should you be using with your contact lenses? Supplies are a major aspect of wearing your contact lenses. Knowing how to use your supplies correctly will prevent you from attaining eye infections and keeping your eyes healthy.

  • Rub and rinse your contact lenses with solution each time you clean them. Never use water or spit!
  • Use only the solution your eye doctor tells you to use.
  • Only use fresh disinfecting solution in your case – don’t mix new with old solution.
  • Never store your contact lenses in water.
  • Replace your contact lenses as often as your eye doctor says.
  • Rub and rinse your case every day with solution, dry with a clean tissue, and store upside down with the caps off.
  • Get a new case at least every three months.

It is very important to visit your eye doctor once a year – or more often if needed. You should have a great relationship with your eye doctor and never hesitate to contact them if an issue arises. You may also want to ask your eye doctor about how to care for your lenses and case. The first thing that you should do is to take out your contact lenses and immediately call your eye doctor if you have eye pain, red eyes, or blurred vision. Remember to always carry a pair of glasses in case you need to take out your contact lenses for any issues that may arise.

Come by the pharmacy today to get the solution for your contact lenses! If we don’t have it in stock we might be able to special order it in just for you!

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